a girl stands waist-deep in a crystal clear indoor pool.

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The Bedruthan Hotel boasts a relaxing little spa, with a beautiful, peaceful sensory spa garden, and views of Mawgan Porth and the surrounding area…

A little while ago I was invited to spend the day relaxing at the adults only Scarlet Hotel & Spa (you can read all about it here), well Bedruthan Hotel & Spa is their family-friendly sister hotel, and you’ll find it tucked away behind the Scarlet.

As you enter you do take a little moment to find your bearings, the bar is in front of you, the restaurant to the right, and the reception for the hotel is tucked away down a little corridor to your left. The vibe of the hotel is quite a superior seventies style, even down to the mugs in the bar area. Eventually we made our way to the Spa, which is a short, sunny walk from the hotel. We even passed a door labelled ‘Cinema’, which was quite exciting!

a girl sits in a large hydrotherpay pool, surrounded in white and grey tiles, and clear blue water.

The spa staff were so friendly and welcoming, and kindly gave us (and any other new guests or visitors throughout the day) a tour of the facilities. From the reception desk there are three doors… one leads to the relaxing treatment rooms, the second to the warm indoor pool, and the third to the dreamy saunas, steam room, and mini balcony area – which has amazing views of the ocean. We made quick work of the changing rooms, before wading into the beautifully decorated, and enormous, hydropool… you can find this in the sauna/steam room area. It really is beautifully decorated, and the entire room is so warm and relaxing. There’s even a tucked-away, comfortable seating area with a daily hot tea on hand. Water can also be found around the spa.

We loved the lavender infused sauna, though we couldn’t smell much lavender, it was very soothing – and decorated in matching violet tiles! We did venture into the indoor pool room, and the shower area in there is beautiful! It matches the rest of the pool area. It is an open shower, so bathers on please, and the complementary shower products are unique to Bedruthan.

a girl sits inside a stone room, with a little bowl of home made skin scrub.

After a warm cup of peppermint tea, it was time to head to the Sensory Spa Garden. You’ll find the garden tucked away behind a wooden gate, on the path between the hotel and the spa, and is available by booking only! It was fully booked that day, with another couple or group entering every 15 minutes, and though it was busy, the team ran the Sensory Spa Garden like clockwork.

Your booking is for one hour, and you work your way around the seven spots of the garden… the first is a dry scrub, which is made in front of your eyes in the garden with a mix of home-grown herbs. You then move to the open showers to rinse, before taking in the view from the very, very hot barrel sauna. The dry scrub truly made my skin so, so soft! Your fourth point is a cold bucket challenge! If you’re feeling brave enough, you pull the cord and some very refreshingly cold water will definitely cool you down.

The fifth point is the hot tub… relaxation time! There are three wooden hot tubs in the Sensory Spa Garden, and they are very thoughtfully partitioned off from one another, so even though there were other guests around, we felt fairly concealed! This is your moment to really take in the garden. It is beautiful. There are flowers and herbs growing all around, with trees sheltering the view of the pathway to the hotel/spa, and a large wall to separate you from the outdoor pool. It is very cosy, relaxing, and private. A quick essential oil and herbal scrub in the shower area (again, made from home-grown ingredients found around the garden), and you’re smelling like invigorating lemon grass.

Last, but by no means least, is a hot cup of herbal tea whilst you dip your feet into some warm water and sit by the crackling log fire. Blankets are provided, and this would be so perfect on a summer’s eve. An hour is definitely a good amount of time for the garden experience, and you can cool off in the outdoor pool afterwards, or do as we did and head to the bar/restaurant for lunch. The restaurant is closed between lunch and dinner servings, but the bar offers some cakey delights or olives to snack on!

a girl sits inside a wooden hot tub, in a pretty garden area.

The day ended with truly thee best massage I’ve ever had. I was lucky enough to try the hot poultice massage, and the poultices are a mix of herbs, roots, and flowers – they smelled like a really yummy tea infusion. It is an all over body massage, and was blissfully relaxing. My therapist took the time to ask if I had any areas that I felt needed work, and not only did she take extra care to work on them, but after my massage she was also kind enough to tell me where my body holds a lot of stress and tension – which no therapist has ever explained before! It was really interesting to hear. You also get to take your poultices home with you, and they can be used to massage your shoulders, or can soak alongside you in the bath (do keep them refrigerated before use). I also got to try one of the Spa’s Oula facials, which left my skin feeling so refreshed and soft! The products are all so gentle, and smelled wonderful.

The treatments at Bedruthan’s Spa are sublime, they all sound as exciting as the next! You can find a list of Bedruthan’s Spa treatments here.

a girl wades in a crystal-clear hydropool.

Bedruthan Hotel's Spa really is a dreamy escape for anybody looking for a little relaxation. Whilst the Sensory Spa Garden is fairly fast paced, you do come away feeling rejuvenated, and can unwind beside the secluded outdoor pool or by sitting in the warmth of the hydropool room. The Spa and therapist team are a real dream, and were so friendly and kind. Thank you so much for inviting me! 

Claudia xo

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  1. Oh it sounds like an absolute dream, Claudia. And judging by the photos...it's gorgeous too!

    1. It was such a beautiful spot, and even though it's family friendly, it was still so peaceful!

      Claudia xo

  2. The hot tubs and saunas sound perfect! Those are definitely my fave aspects of any spa.

    1. Yesss! Mine too! I so love a hot tub, especially with a great view or in a pretty spot!

      Claudia xo