Perfectly Claudia

Hey there! Thanks for stumbling across my blog…

…I'm Claudia, and I’m a creative individual who dreams big on an (almost) daily basis.

I love reading a good book, especially when tucked up with a well-made cuppa. I adore my insane tabby cat Pepper. I bake a fabulously mean cupcake. I love lounging on the sofa, basking in the sun, or walking around a bustling city. I've always got an idea or two, or three, on the go.

I’m an Italian girl, born in Bristol, and living in the super scenic county of rainy Cornwall. When the sun shines here the beaches are magnificent and the views are peacefully perfect, but it doesn’t quite compare to the blistering sun of Italy, or the busy streets of Bristol.

My blog is all about my journey through life, the ups, the downs, the laughter, the tears, how much food can I eat in one sitting… you know, the works. I’m doing me, and I’m doing it fiercely. I’m constantly growing, and so is my travel bucket list (and my mountain of clothing).

Stay with me as I wander through life, it’d be nice to have some company. 

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