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I don't find wintry blues a bad thing, especially when you're gifted with the dreamy, endless ocean views at Carbis Bay Hotel & Estate and their C Bay Spa…

You may have seen an array of stories on my Instagram (@perfectlyclaudia) from my day at the C Bay Spa; it really was a relaxing day with all the views... let me tell you all about it. We arrived at the Hotel at 11am, and were very kindly shown to the Spa - it's tucked away at the back of the hotel, and you can either walk around the hotel to get to it, or wander through the beautifully decorated hotel and restaurant.


The spa itself is small, but has that boutique feel, so the size wasn't at all bothersome when sharing with only a few other guests - there are many little spots to hide yourself away. Internally, everything is so well decorated, and there are a few corners of the relaxation/lounge area that I wouldn't mind recreating at home. 

Though small, the C Bay Spa spreads itself over two floors. Reception is on the ground floor and meets you as soon as you enter. Also on the bottom floor you'll find a well stocked nail and beauty area, a few cosy tables for lunch, and a fabulously eye-catching champagne bar. You can also see out to the pool area from here. The very snug fitting rooms are also on the ground floor, with one toilet and one separate shower area. We did find this a little tricky to manoeuvre around as the day became busier, but we patiently waited our turn and all was well. 

A short staircase to the second floor and you find yourself in the cosiest of lounge areas. There are three little sofa areas to relax amongst... one area is sat beside a beautiful feature wall with a built in faux fireplace, and the second and third areas have mesmerising views of that endless blue ocean. If you look close enough, you can even see Godrevy lighthouse in the distance. Dolphins and seals are often spotted here too... I'd gladly take my time relaxing in here to ocean watch.

Just behind this relaxation lounge are the beautiful treatment rooms. These are just as well decorated as the rest of the spa, and even house individual showers.


Our day started with a quiet hot drink in the relaxation lounge, before we were shown to the Hotel's new beach lodge area. These lodges are honestly beyond luxurious. From the outside they look fairly small, but as soon as you open that door you realise how endlessly vast they are - with enormous shared rooms and brilliantly sized double rooms, the lodges house between 4-8 people. Though they vary in 'luxury rating', each of the beach lodges is decorated as perfectly as the next. If I could live in one of these, I would. Most of the bedrooms and bathrooms in each lodge boast an amazing a sea view, and the shared kitchen and dining areas are also all sea-facing.

Each lodge comes with its very own private garden, which is a mere hop onto the sandy beach that it overlooks. One exciting thing to note is that these lodges were built into the cliff face... so as you walk into the lodge on ground level, you then cascade from floor to floor of bedrooms, eventually arriving on the very bottom floor which happens to again be ground level - and ocean adjacent.

...but can I just take a moment to talk about the bathrooms in these lodges?! All of the bathrooms in each lodge are incredibly glam, but the tubs are something else. They are enormous, beautiful tubs, and are often accompanied by (you've guessed it) an ocean view. Imagine soaking in a bubble-engulfed tub, watching a moody ocean storming away in front of you. Bliss.


Each lodge also has its very own hot tub. Some are positioned on a terrace area, some are sunken into the garden area - both types are dreamy, and both have perfect views of the beach and ocean. We spent a little time taking in the moody ocean views from one of the terrace tubs. I was hoping for dolphins, but no luck (I've been in Cornwall for twenty-three years now, and still no dolphins or seals have graced me with their presence)... we did spot a couple of brave swimmers though.

After our time in the warm and bubbling hot tub, we made our way back to the main spa to relax and take in the views. Almost level with the lounge, you'll find a cosy outdoor barrel sauna. There is also a hidden gazebo area that is tucked away right at the top of the grounds. The sauna area overlooks not only the ocean, but the spa's outdoor pool. The pool sadly is a little dated and doesn't live up to the rest of the spa's decor, it's also a little chilly on a cold day so we didn't venture in. On the same level as the pool you'll find a small hot-tub-sized hydrotherapy pool; prettier than the main pool, this was a popular spot - so much so that we didn't get a chance to take a dip, but we admired it from afar.

Soon it was lunch time, and we descended to the reception area to peek at the menu. There are a variety of dishes, each sounding as delicious as the next, with plenty of veggie and vegan options alongside a small array of meaty dishes. I opted for the saffron and cider-battered fish and homemade fries, and my guest opted for a boiled egg and feta cheese salad. Both were tasty, and definitely filling. The garlic ciabatta was pretty great too!

After lunch it was time for my spa treatment. I tried the 'head in the clouds' treatment, which is a forty-five minute back, neck, and scalp massage... and it was bliss. The massage room was perfectly dimly lit for that extra relaxation mode, with an array of luxurious products on display. I would happily recommend this massage if you have a little stress to release, it really worked out the knots - and who doesn't love a head massage?! There are a variety of treatments and packages  to choose from, and you can find them all here on the Hotel's website. A special thank you to the therapist, who asked if there were any areas in particular that I had trouble with, and then took the time to focus on those areas. She also chose the perfect products for my skin type.

The views are definitely the crowning glory for the C Bay Spa, and the interior decor is such a dream. The beach lodges are just a short walk from the spa too, an ideal little stroll if a pamper session is on the cards. The Hotel are currently building an extra block of sea-facing rooms, with a restaurant and shopping area... I can't wait to see how that building looks when it's completed. If it's anything like the lodges, it'll be pure bliss. Thank you so much for having us, I hope to come back for some cocktails on the beach when the sun is shining.

Claudia xo

Carbis Bay Hotel & Estate: www.carbisbayhotel.co.uk

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  1. Claudia,

    This looks and sounds absolutely beautiful! I bet you had an amazing, relaxing time...also: tub goals!

    1. The hot tub was definitely the crowning glory ...and the view!

      Claudia xo