One of my big goals this year was to explore more of the places on my doorstep, and discover new fabulous little spots to adventure around with my camera and tripod in tow…

So far I’ve come across a handful of magical spots, both old and new to me, and I’m only just beginning the exploration. If you follow me on Instagram (@perfectlyclaudia) you may have seen some beautiful local spots appearing in my stories, I even have a ‘Cornwall’ highlight on my feed. It really is worth taking a peek, some of the spots look just like Iceland, and having lived in Cornwall for roughly twenty-two years I’d never seen them before – dream discoveries!

My main self-employed job requires me to drive around Cornwall from time to time, and I’ve decided to be clever about it and use this to my advantage, by exploring the environment if I’m venturing to somewhere I wouldn’t usually go. I recently had to visit Newquay, where I honestly wouldn’t go otherwise, it’s not my cup of tea shall we say… but whilst I was there I explored a little coastal spot tucked away behind a few hotels, and this is what I found…


What a dream little spot! With the sunshine blaring (a rare gift from the Gods in Cornwall) it was absolutely beautiful. There’s also a tiny beach tucked away beneath the cliff views, which you can very easily access, and the sand is perfectly golden. I didn’t get any snaps on the sand as the beach was already filled with families… the downside of exploring mid-morning. There was also a scuba school in action, which was really interesting to watch, and viewpoints with ocean views of the most perfect blues that went on for days.

The trip home was pretty exciting too. As the words ‘I wish we had fields of yellow flowers like they do in Germany’ came out of my mouth, enormous fields of gold appeared beside us. Of course we had to immediately pull in, grab the camera, and off I (very carefully) skipped into the endless sea of yellow flowers! What an accidental find! They say the best adventures are the paths less explored, and this was definitely an unexplored spot… probably because it was private land, oops. Sorry not sorry.

I also recently reached out to one of Cornwall’s most famous features, the Eden Project. What a perfect highlight in exploring what’s on my doorstep, as the Eden Project is just a ten minute drive from my home. If you haven’t heard of it, take a peek at their website, it really is an incredible sight to see with oodles of learning and behind the scenes projects thrown in. Not only do they bring a slice of the tropics to Cornwall, but they help to conserve local plant life, inspire rain-forest conservation, and offer educational weeks and day to day information to the public, as well as a handful of other community based ventures. There is of course a fee to enter, which helps keep the Eden Project and their pursuits running, but you get to explore the beautiful gardens, and so much more…

I spoke to a very lovely lady at the Eden Project and offered up the opportunity to collaborate on a photo-shoot. I wanted to show what the Eden Project really had to offer, from a fresh and new perspective. To my surprise (I don’t know why I was surprised!) they said yes, and this little collaboration has been fabulous, I’m even hoping to get back to the Eden Project soon for even more photography fun.  

The main highlights of the Eden Project are its two incredible biomes – one houses a Mediterranean climate, with perfectly picked and cared for plants, flowers, and little recreations here are there. You can also get married in the Mediterranean dome! The second biome houses a Tropical climate… and it looks just like Bali, beautiful lily pad clad ponds and all. Here are some of he snaps from my early morning trip…

It’s such a beautiful place to explore, and their plant life is constantly changing and evolving, especially throughout the seasons. Their Mediterranean biome was filled with tulips in the spring, and now other flowers are appearing. Sadly I missed their heather-clad walkway, but at least I know it’ll be there again next spring. It’s such a photographer’s paradise, and I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to shoot it from an ‘Instagram’ perspective – something that’s not been done before! I’ve saved the best shots for Instagram, naturally, so if you’re not following me yet please please head over to see the incredible shots that will be appearing over the next month… @perfectlyclaudia

I’m really hoping to collaborate with a few more amazing hot spots in Cornwall, to show them off to the younger crowds in my own unique way. I definitely haven’t lost the travel bug, and do have some trips planned for later this year, but what better time than summer to explore more of my doorstep.

Claudia xo
gdpr note; #ad #giftedpartnership - day with eden project is a gifted collaboration 

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  1. I knew Cornwall was beautiful, but I had no idea it was like this! I've never been but your pictures make it look like an exotic travel destination, especially the beaches and the Eden Project. Love the idea of exploring the places on your doorstep more- travel doesn't have to be far or expensive. Although I'm not sure I could find anywhere as picturesque as your finds in NW London haha!

    Rachel | rachelemmablog.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Aww thank you so much Rachel!

      It’s sooo all about exploring areas you’ve never been to or wouldn’t normally explore. I’ve lived here for around 22 years and have only just now started to appreciate surroundings I’ve never made the effort to know existed!

      It’s such a good ‘filler’ to explore nearby when you can’t get away. Cornwall is SO vast, so it can take a good 30-60 minutes to find exciting places some days! Good job I find exploring fun! Hehe!

      Claudia xo

  2. What a great opportunity! I'm glad you asked, because those pictures are divine.

    1. Aww thank you so much Monique! The rest will be making their way onto my instagram from today! Woo hoo!

      Claudia xo