It feels like this trip has taken forever to come, but here I am with just one week left to wait before I touch down in some hot hot Moroccan sunshine...

In Iceland it was so so cold that I couldn’t really wear anything other than my enormous Parka, 50 hidden layers, and pink booties, so this time, with 25 degree weather on the cards, I’ve kitted myself out with an array of fabulous sunshine-worthy outfits. I am working really hard on my Instagram lately, so this over-packing of outfits is a bit Instagram photo based… buuuut I’ll also have some amazing shots for my travel wall (if you didn’t see the travel wall, let me know, I’ll maybe blog about how I put it all together if you’re keen!).

I’ve been dying to pack for this trip for about a month now, and I would’ve packed today but my parents are holidaying in Italy and have stolen my one and only suitcase (muggins here is staying home to take care of our combined army of cats). They won’t be back until next Wednesday, and I have to be packed for the Sunday afternoon. Usually this wouldn’t stress me out but I have a million things to do in the meantime, and I’m getting worried that my overly organised packing methods won’t be used to their full potential, and I’ll be soooo upset if I forget something at home.

The tech goodies however I can pack, I have my trusty rucksack here at home, and nobody is borrowing it after the loss of my previous pack. Nobody. Nobody. I’m really protective over things that I don’t want damaged or lost. My mum messaged me a few days ago to tell me that they’d found a two inch cut in my suitcase, and my response was ‘I knew I never should have lent it to you’. I love that suitcase, I’m so comfortable with it, I know where all the pockets are, everything has a rightful spot… and now I have to DIY fix it up and stitch the hole, sob sob. Poor suitcase. I am now apparently going for the hobo travel look.

Anyway, the tech! I’ll be taking the same items that I took to Iceland, but with an added extra here or there. On my list are…

• Samsung NX300 with a spare battery, lots of memory cards, and my trusty remote shutter
• GoPro Hero 6 with one mini gorilla-pod and extra battery
• My lightweight travel tripod (bae)
…and brand new to the list is a GoPro dome for amazing underwater shots

I did originally buy a Telesin dome (£46 RRP), as they’re supposed to be the best, but ridiculously they only fit the Hero 4 & 5 Session models. As I have the Hero 6 this is no use to me… so if anyone wants a Telesin dome for their GoPro Hero 4/5 *Session* then let me know as I’m now selling mine (for a lot less than £46). Ergh. Instead I’ve opted for the only dome I could find for the GoPro Hero 5, that also fits the Hero 6 – the brand is ‘Shoot’, and it’s disappointingly a lot smaller than the Telesin dome so I’m unsure how the shots will turn out, but it definitely fits my Hero 6 so here’s hoping. The Telesin dome also has a water line to help you get perfect shots each time, whereas the ‘Shoot’ doesn’t, so some trial and error may come first.

I also picked up a couple of spare batteries, one for my camera and one for my GoPro. I learnt, from Iceland, how quickly batteries can die in the cold weather… and whilst Morocco won’t be cold, we will be out all day long, so it would be really crappy to have to stop shooting because I’ve run out of battery. Especially if I can finally sway everyone to get to the desert!

Even though I’m going with three of my top girls, I will be taking the tripod. I trust my tripod, I love it, and I feel as though I’m getting pretty good at using it. I also really don’t want to bother them with ‘can you just take a photo please’ every so often. So whilst the girls are still snoozing, lazing by the pool, or off doing Yoga (yes, Yoga has already been mentioned) I can run off with my tripod and get some shots, and whilst we’re out and about I can ask them to just keep an eye on the camera as I take some snaps.


On to the fashion. I think I may have gone a little overboard here, but there were a lot of fabulous sales on around Christmas and so I made the most of them. I always prefer to have more than not enough, and I probably will take a few items out of the pile before I finalise and pack, but on my list are… a handful of maxi skirts, a couple of tops, one bodysuit, two pairs of shorts, a lightweight jumper, two brand new bikinis, two swimsuits, two playsuits, a pj set, a hat (because I have black hair and sunstroke is not fun), a couple of flower crowns, and a big day bag. I’ve already removed one bodysuit and one playsuit from the mix, and may take out one of the maxi skirts.

I really wanted one of those pretty, circular rattan bags, it would’ve gone so well with the colours of my outfits, but I couldn’t get my hands on one in time. I’ll be taking my large beach bag out with me anyway as it’ll fit my tripod and other bits… it just doesn’t go with any outfits haha. Hopefully I can find a lovely bag in Morocco! I also wanted a La Reveche swimsuit, but hahhhhhhh – they’re crazy expensive and I am poverty on legs.

Shoes are the baffling part of my life. I have an array of shoes, and they’re pretty much all the same. I hate shoe shopping, I’m definitely not a girl when it comes to this part of my style-life. I do however have a pretty brown pair of sandals that I bought for a Tunisia trip way back in 2014. I’ll be bringing these along as they look lovely with my more burgundy and terracotta items. Other than that I’ll be wearing my trusty black sandals, which are also so comfortable for walking in.

As all of the other girls have mentioned yoga, I’ll be cleverly wearing my gym leggings and a casual top as we travel. This can double up as yoga gear if they do manage to sway me from photos, I would really love to get involved with some early morning pool-side yoga!


I think that’s everything, aside from the boring things like plug adaptors and the necessities like passport and travel docs. Being a girl I will of course be taking my makeup, and my GHD’s – though I really have nailed the overnight curls look now, I just touch parts up with my straighteners. It seriously cuts down on my getting ready time in the morning, such a winner. I must remember to take sun cream. I’m so used to being in a cold and dreary climate that sun cream is the last thing on my mind. This is why I like to pack ahead, and with lists! But not having my suitcase with me has really thrown me off my packing game haha.

I will of course come back, refreshed and hopefully tanned, with lots of photos and a big write-up of the trip. As we’ll be staying in a brand new, five star, adult only hotel I’m really excited to tell you all about it. I’m so used to budget hotels, cabins, and hostels lately. A luxury hotel will really be a welcome change, especially in beautiful Marrakech. Woo hoo!

Do remember to keep an eye on my Instagram for live updates whilst I'm travelling, I'm sure I'll be all over my stories with exciting sights of Morocco! You can follow my Instagram HERE.

Claudia xo

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