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Jamie & Adam - ourweekendwhims

instagram engagement

"With my busy work schedule, I don’t have time to engage with potential new followers. With Claudia's digital marketing services, I have been reaching a larger audience, increasing the amount of follows I obtain during the weekdays, and receive a higher level of likes and comments from others. This social media journey has been more enjoyable for me; I have full faith in Claudia’s engagement strategies and have seen them work for me, as my reach has more than doubled!"


Jess - endlessitinerary

instagram engagement

"Claudia is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to engaging on Instagram. She has worked with many influencers, and has tons of experience. The best part about her services is that it's all authentic! She takes the time to do genuine work, and you definitely see the results."


Hannah Caldwell - alittlefringe

instagram engagement

"Managing a growing Instagram and Blog can be hard work, especially when you are fighting the constant algorithm changes. Claudia helped me prioritize what I needed to work on with my blog, by engaging on various Instagram accounts for me. We saw a huge uplift in my follower engagement on my page, with more likes and comments! Her strategies for growing and keeping your page relevant for your followers work. She also greets every challenge with professionalism and poise. I highly recommend her. "


Amelia - yamayacollections

hashtag audit (part of Instagram Audit)

"I've always struggled with Instagram compared to Facebook - for some reason it's just still a bit of a mine field! Being a one woman operation, juggling social media and running the rest of a growing business is tricky and getting it right is even trickier! Claudia did a fab hash tag review for me, which saw instant results and helped me go in the right direction with my account which is now starting to grow. She gives great, honest advice and does her homework which means that you do see results. I will definitely be working with Claudia again in the near future and would recommend her to anyone who may feel a bit lost with Instagram!"


Georgina - georgies_corner

hashtag audit (part of Instagram Audit)

"Claudia is clearly an expert in her field, the audit she has done for me has been really helpful for me to continue to grow my blog via Instagram. I am so impressed with the knowledge she has and has shared with me, and how incredibly quick the whole process was from me getting in touch to the audit being in my inbox. I would highly recommend Claudia, she has a clear knowledge of the ever changing social media world and I am very thankful for her doing the audit because I’ve learnt so much!"


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