Instagram Specialist for Influencers ...and Content Creator for Travel & Tourism Brands and Businesses

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I have been a professional in the Social Media industry since twenty-fourteen, and have experienced Instagram from all angles.

As a content creator/'influencer', I understand how beneficial an optimised Instagram account with a strong vision and personality can be. It's the difference between somebody booking your hotel or the hotel across the bay with the beautiful, professional content and active, relevant stories. It's the difference between a brand wanting to work with you or the Influencer with a loyal, engaged following and great reach.


I've contributed to up and coming Instagram Courses, styled accounts for businesses who want to best showcase their work, and helped accounts of all sizes to improve their engagement and reach. Instagram is my jam, and I'm here to help your feed be everything that it needs to be.

I specialise in Travel, Tourism, and Lifestyle.

I welcome brands/businesses from across the globe

Instagram Engagement

A fully personalised service to help you organically increase your engagement and reach – and in turn, help with your follower growth. No bots, automated services, or third parties are used.

Ideal for Instagram Influencers!

If you're a brand or business, this is a great package to generate organic leads! Organic means that leads are far more likely to turn into customers.

Instagram one-to-one Training

A three or five hour session where you will learn the ins and outs of Instagram for your brand/business. The entire process will be personal to your Instagram account so that you can implement any changes and continue to manage your account with ease. We’ll also make a start on a one month posting and content schedule, that will help you keep on track going forward.


Three Hour Session(cover the basics)

  • honing in on your brand/business niche – is it clear on Instagram

  • know your audience, and learn how to reach them organically

  • understand your demographics and what they mean for your brand/business (are you reaching that target audience)

  • identify appropriate hashtags and how/when to use them – I’ll provide you with 10 ideal hashtags personal to your account to get you started

  • understand your analytics and optimum days and times to share content

Five Hour Session (master the advanced)

everything included in the three hour session, with the addition of…

  • learn how to organically increase your engagement, reach, and following

  • learn how to write captivating and engaging captions in order to create conversation

  • discover the benefit of Instagram Stories, why they’re so important, and the best ways to utilise them

  • learn how to create and utilise high quality photo content

  • explore apps that can help create professional and eye catching designs

...I also offer training for other social media platforms, please contact me to enquire.

Instagram Review/Audit

A highly personalised audit of your Instagram account, looking at what's working and what can be improved. We'll start with a questionnaire so that I can better understand your goals and vision. You'll also receive detailed PDFs for each module. Included in the audit is…


  • Overall Feed Audit – a review of your Instagram account as a whole; is it sharing the right message/look for your brand and your target audience ...with advice and tips to improve your account in order to better suit your target audience and fit your brand, and how to blend your overall Instagram account together to be one strong feature.

  • Bio & Username – a review of your bio and profile; is it sending the right message, is it easily readable, are you approachable, is your username appropriate …we'll craft a profile that immediately captivates attention 

  • Hashtags – a review of your currently used hashtags (size, quality, and quantity), how to improve hashtag usage, and great tips on finding the right hashtags as you move forward …with 10 helpful hashtags to utilise that are personal to your account and niche to get you started

  • Captions - a review of your written content; making sure it is relevant, on brand for your account and niche, and engaging ...with some top tips on how to create engaging captions to encourage conversation

  • Photography – a review of the current photo/video content on your Instagram feed …with advice on possible improvements to make; is your content correct for your brand, does your content aesthetically work together, are you utilising content that is your own, is your content high quality

  • Stories & Highlights – a review of your story highlights and whether you are using stories to their optimum potential ...with advice on how to make your story highlights uniform, the type and style of story highlight that would work best for your Instagram account/brand, how to utilise stories to improve your reach, and how to best use stories and their features to encourage conversation

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are such a great way to interact with your current followers, as well as reaching new eyes. Stories have a variety of uses, from highlighting your skills as a photographer to engaging directly with your followers via a live stream, or sharing beautiful impressions from a travel or tourism spot.

One Time Service 

  • Organising your Stories into appropriate highlights to better suit your brand/business needs

  • Providing you with a consistent Stories theme/vibe

  • Starting you off with some easy to follow Stories templates to help you maintain the commenced theme with ease

  • Advice and guidance in the types of content to share on Instagram Stories, relevant and personal to your brand/business

Rolling Service

  • Creating regular stories with the same consistent style, keeping your account at the forefront of your follower's attention

  • Utilising Stories features in order to encourage engagement and interaction with your followers

  • Utilising Stories features in order to increase your views from outside of your regular follower reach

  • Arranging these stories into your highlights (if necessary)

Influencer Marketing

A great option for businesses looking to work with Influencers (local, national, or international) who need a little direction in how to achieve this. I help you to find the ideal Influencers for your brand/business (who have a legitimate following and engagement), offer advice on marketing strategies, and can even reach out to influencers on your behalf. 

Content Creation / Product Photography

...please see my sister site thosemomentsofmine.co.uk

Other Social Media Platforms

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• LinkedIn

For pricing, and any further queries or questions, please contact me via the contact page or directly at perfectlyclaudia@gmail.com


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