Instagram Specialist for Influencers
...and Content Creator for Travel & Tourism Brands and Businesses

…I'm Claudia, and I’m a creative individual who dreams big on an (almost) daily basis. 


A fully qualified (diploma) Digital Marketing Manager.

I love all things social media, and find it so fascinating that you can hold the world in the palm of your hands. Right at your fingertips, with the click of a button, you can chat to anybody, at any time, from anywhere.


My aim is to provide the best digital marketing and social media services that I possibly can, and help others to build upon their dreams.

A solo gal who travels on a budget, but finds the most luxurious and dreamy spots, I love to share my experiences with others via my blog and Instagram (@perfectlyclaudia). Mountains, lakes, and alpine views make my soul smile, but a good sandy beach or rustic landscape are just as captivating.

I love reading a good book, especially when tucked up with a well-made cuppa. I adore my insane tabby cat Pepper. I bake a fabulously mean cupcake. I love lounging on the sofa, exploring a bustling city, or adventuring endless alpine landscapes. I've always got a creative idea or two, or three, on the go.


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