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My little blog turns one on May first, and I’m quite excited about it…

A whole year of doing something new. It’s an exciting concept! I’d considered blogging for some time before I actually took the plunge, and I’m so glad that I finally did… because one year on and I’ve somewhat transitioned to focus on my Instagram – which I’ve been working super hard on since December last year. The blog has taken a tiny bit of a back seat as I’m finding it challenging to write about things that aren’t travel related… because, well, that’s the dream – to adventure.  It’s not an easy feat to travel full time either, and so I need to find myself the right balance of travel and lifestyle for my little blog.

But I am excited that this little project is still going (though I get it, I’ve missed a week or two). I think a sensible decision may be to drop to two posts in a month instead of four, that way I can write up quality content over quantity! I may test it out and see how it fares. Also, after re-considering when I laze about on the sofa reading things, I’m also going to move the posts to a Sunday morning rather than a Friday evening. Sunday cuppa dates with the laptop!


A lot of things have changed in the last year, but the biggest change of all is that I have fully entered the world of self-employment, and it’s so so freeing (but the poverty is real). It gives me the much needed freedom to put my all into my Instagram, explore my local area a lot more, and adventure whenever the opportunity arises.

So what’s next for the rest of twenty-eighteen? Who knows! I do absolutely know that I want to stay self-employed, I’m finally feeling like I’m heading in the right directions. I’m not sat at some crappy desk that saps the life from my soul, there are no sad sad women in my working life trying to get me into trouble over biscuits or sandwiches, my confidence levels have grown massively, I’m hugely independent (for the most part anyway), I don’t have to take any crap from anyone… I feel relaxed. I’ve even managed to bag myself a few freelance social media and blogging jobs – hurrah!!


Lately I’ve been faced with a few situations that have really made me think, and I’ve come to a few conclusions. The first being that there is no way at all that anyone is going to hold me back from keeping my freedom, stunting my wanderlust, and/or keeping me away from exploring the world. You need to be yourself no matter what. Keep your goals, your dreams, your life-loves. Surround yourself with friends and people who support, encourage, and help to nurture you in whatever it is you want to do, and if you can’t find people around you who do that – move on. I really didn’t think my parents would at all understand what it is that I’m trying to now achieve, but after a sit down chat and explaining it to them (with visual aids) they’re all for it and keen to support it! Thanks mum and dad <3 …some people however will never ever understand, and that’s fine, but so long as they still have your back that’s what counts. If, like a lot of people in my life have, they start rolling eyes and passing poor judgements… tell them to do one.

Another conclusion I’ve come to is that I need to start working harder to smash the goals I’m trying to set myself. I’m getting older, and I’m definitely feeling like I should’ve started this lifestyle dream a lot earlier... I’ve been self-employed since November, and I have probably (definitely) over-done it with the lax attitude. I should have been running head first into opportunities, but it does take some time to grow some confidence and figure out the right paths… I also haven’t wanted to rush down the wrong ones. But I am finally seeing things the way I want to be seeing them, and very slowly I’m making progress… though I now absolutely need to be more pro-active with my approach. I need to be finding myself extra freelance opportunities, working harder, and putting myself out there a lot more.


This brings me to my third conclusion… that I am going hard or going home with my Instagram. If you follow me (@perfectlyclaudia) you’ll have noticed that around the time of my Iceland trip I had a massive clear out of old images. They didn’t have a place in the feed that I wanted to create, and were attracting some odd attention. I got serious in Iceland, took my tripod, and made sure I got some fabulous shots – even if I only had moments to capture the scene. I tried even harder with my Marrakech trip, and those shots are still being posted to my feed now (lots more to come!). I’ve been focusing on this so much that I’ve caught myself watching a movie and thinking ‘wow, that would make a great shot for the gram’ hahhh! My developing ‘photo op’ mind just won’t turn off. I definitely see things differently now, in a far more creative way – and I’ve always been a super creative person.

This, for me anyway, makes living in the depths of the South West, UK, a little difficult. I find it hard to hunt down areas to adventure that aren’t countryside or beaches, and whilst those two things are absolutely great, it’s not my aim to constantly shoot in the same or similar landscapes over and over. I am making a conscious effort, now that I have the time, to find amazing, local, locations, but I’m not really a countryside girl… I’m a city girl or a mountain girl or a tropical girl - muddy walks amongst the brambles aren’t my thing. I’m also trying my best to be clever with my surroundings… more on this if it’s successful! Cornwall is a glorious place, especially when the sun is shining, but I want to see more, explore more, and share more. I’m the girl who wants to bask in unusual landscapes and unique destinations… like Iceland! What a dream destination that was! Being self-employed also adds to this struggle, and so I need to find a way to tie both together and make it a sustainable lifestyle (accepting tips and advice on this please and thank you!!!).


So, I’m getting smart with my travel. I’m now beginning to collect air miles, and hopefully this will help to cram a few short-break budget trips into twenty-eighteen… otherwise my next adventures aren’t until autumn. I’d absolutely love to start collaborating with brands/hotels/flights etc. in order to share the experiences with everyone! I want to show people that it can so so be done on a budget with a little hard work. I mean, take a look at my Marrakech trip! We stayed in a brand new five star hotel, and the entire trip was all inclusive - for the most ridiculous budget price. It can be done. Just because you’re on a strict budget doesn’t mean you have to slum it or give up or boycott travelling all together. You can enjoy a version of luxury with a small budget. Here’s to working hard to show you guys how it’s done.

Claudia xo

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