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I am dying to book more and more trips and adventures for twenty-eighteen, and I’m making headway already – here’s what I’m planning…

One of my big goals for twenty-eighteen is to travel more, to see more, and to generally adventure the world as much as possible. Seeing new places and exploring new countries really invigorates my soul and makes me feel like anything is possible. I’ve always been a creative girl at heart, and taking photos around the world is such a fabulous little outlet for me. Not only do I get to experience my adventures first hand but I get to bring home the memories to re-live again and again.

I’m hoping to do some freelance social media management this year, to give me a little boost as I travel. So if anyone wants a little help managing their… well… social media… you know where I am wink wink!

Everyone says ‘January blues’, but it’s such a perfect opportunity to snap up sales in all shapes and sizes, and so I’ve been searching for lots and lots of trips. My number one aim is to book all future trips on a budget. My Scandinavian and Icelandic adventures were as expensive as each other, and that’s not including spending money whilst I was there. Eep! So let’s do budget that looks like luxury.

Being Italian my family and I toured Italy long before it was the 'in' thing to take beautiful travel photos or to write travel blogs, but I would really like to get back to Venice, and I’ve never seen Verona or the Amalfi Coast. As much as I’m dying to book those trips, I feel as though I should visit countries I’ve not yet seen first. With that in mind, I’ve booked a girl’s trip in March to Marrakech and a solo trip to Slovenia in October – both brand new places for me, hurrah!

I’ve always wanted to see Marrakech, and as you’ll know it’s clearly a huge Instagram favourite. Thankfully all of the Instagram snaps have been so helpful in deciding where to visit whilst I’m there. I’ll be going with three of my absolute loves too, I can’t wait! Although they’re not into taking photos like I am, eep. I’ll have to sneak out early to get some shots and then join them for breakfast and exploring. Tripod ahoy. Slovenia is another place I’ve wanted to see. It’s definitely an unusual one but it looks so beautiful in fall, so I’m hoping I’ve timed my trip in early October well. It’s a perfect little autumnal photo hot-spot.

I absolutely love to travel, even with the arduous journey I have to make from Cornwall to a major airport. I really do need to live closer to twentieth century life. Travel is something that is often on my mind, and so naturally I have a constantly growing list of places that I’m dying to visit, so here’s to twenty-eighteen and to hoping I can tick a few of these places off of my bucket list. The list is growing faster than I can tick things off – which is a great wanderlust, but terrible because I’ll never be able to keep up haha. Here are my bucket list places…

Greece (and Islands)
Chichen Itza
Machu Picchu
Petra (Jordan)
Bora Bora
Salar de Uyni (Bolivia)
China (the old china)
New Zealand

I’m honestly so excited at the prospect of seeing these beautiful places that I’ve eyed up a world map that I can convert into a travel map. I’d love to have a visual board on the wall where I can pin all the places that I’ve visited. As I’m snap happy with a camera, I’ve ordered almost 50 photo frames, in various sizes, to make a travel photo wall – what better way to pay homage to all of the memories I’ve made and will continue make. I think it's so important to have something to reflect on, and to think 'I did that', no matter how small or cheap the trip - and at this moment in time, the cheaper the better, it's a bigger accomplishment too! 

I do wish I’d been a lot smarter about my travels and used a card that gives back in air miles. This is something I’ll be looking into before I book any more trips this year. I’ve spent so much on travels since the summer that I could’ve racked up a decent number of miles by now arrghhh. But we live and learn, right?! On to smarter ways to travel. If you have any air mile recommendations or tips for me please comment below and let me know!

Marrakech and Slovenia are two trips locked in for twenty-eighteen... and I’m hoping to tick Austria off the list this winter, possibly November - I’m keen to see it as the snow falls. There could also be Cape Town in December, and Malta and Greece have also been mentioned in conversation.

Don't get me wrong, I am definitely on a tight budget, and so I'm sure all of this will be just big dreams for a moment. I'm still unemployed (though quite liking not working for condescending employers who don't value a hard working gal's efforts), and I'm still working hard at the self employed bits to pay the bills. But I really don't want to take steps backwards and to not be able to continue to travel. I've waited and wasted far too many years in a horrid rut not being able to see what I've been dying to see. If anyone has any tips for me on travelling with a budget but making it look like luxury, let me know. I've not done too badly though, my Slovenia trip is less than £200 (flights and accommodation). I'm well on my way to rocking the budget travel with a luxury twist.

I’d also really love to travel with some other travel bloggers/Instagrammers, things get a bit dull on your own. Are you travelling anywhere exciting this year, or have any amazing places on your bucket list?! Let me know!

Claudia xo

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