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I am definitely not a parka person, but as Iceland is almost just around the corner and I’m becoming increasingly aware of how cold it really will be…

I’ve been on the hunt of a faux-fur hooded parka that will keep me cosy, warm, and dry as I’m adventuring across the snowy and icy terrain of Iceland over Christmas. I’m going to look absolutely ridiculous. Pink boots, pink bobble hat… and a parka. But hey, I’ll just have to make it work.

Another reason I’m not so keen on picking up a parka is because I’ll more than likely wear it just the once, for this trip, and they do not come cheap. Why oh why buy a coat just for 5 days in a snowy climate. At least if I ever venture off into another snowy landscape I’ll be more than prepared. Being an absolute knitwear fiend I have plenty of chunky cardigans and jumpers ready to go, and I could just layer these with my waterproof burgundy coat that I bought for Scandinavia, but do I risk it in the hopes that the layering technique will keep me warm – or do I wear just one or two simple layers and top it off with a cosy parka that I can cuddle up into whilst I’m sat in the snow watching for the northern lights. Decisions decisions.

In my hunt for the perfect parka I have, to my surprise, come across a handful that I do actually like, and so I thought I’d share them all with you. I was looking for a grey option (I can feel certain eyes rolling already at the mention of more grey in my wardrobe), but also found a few pink and burgundy options.

Here are my top picks…


I really love the two pink parkas, both in different shades of pink, and each has a different colour faux-fur hood. The first blush pink and grey parkas are the same, and both have detachable hoods and fur linings within the coat. They also both have a draw-string waist for more of a flattering figure. If a fur lining isn’t your thing then the third parka is padded inside. All three should do the trick of keeping you warm, it also seems a little more fitted than the other two - possibly because it lacks a draw-string waist. I could see myself in the grey option, but at £75 it is a little pricey. Parkas certainly don't come cheap.

Here are my top picks…

Bows Boutique Bows Boutiques 

I am absolutely in love with the charcoal parka, but at a whopping £89.99 it really would make me cry to buy it. The lighter grey is again a ginormous £89.99 spend. Bows Boutiques sadly isn’t super cost-effective, and annoyingly doesn’t specify if anything is padded or fur-lined. You can just about make out from the photos that these are both fur-lined, and of course have fabulous faux hoods. They both seem to fit really well (or at least fit the model nicely). Both have draw-string waists, but the charcoal one constantly screams ‘please buy me’. Argh!

Here are my top picks…

New Look New Look New Look
Grey Parka  |  Pink Parka  |  Khaki Parka   

The grey and pink parkas here are the same, and it also comes in camel and khaki – which both look just as great. This option has no fur lining, and sadly doesn’t specify if it’s padded or not, and on zooming in I think this is more of a throw-on for a dry, crisp autumn weather rather than the icy cold December temperatures of Iceland. AS lovely as this parka is, with a lovely white/grey faux fur trim hood, I may have to pass.

The khaki number is lovely. It has great detailing on the added cuffs and on the pockets, and again has a really great draw-string waist. The hood is a golden brown faux-fur trim, and this parka also has a matching fur lining. I actually really do love it, but a khaki parka is not for me, and whilst it is only £59.99 a girl needs to stick to what she knows best. There is however a fabulous burgundy version of this parka…

Here are my top picks…


You can’t fault H&M for their product descriptions, they’re absolutely bursting with information. The charcoal parka is another £59.99 fur-lined option, with a fabulous fur-trim hood. On zooming in I can’t say I’m a fan out of the outer material, it doesn’t look overly appealing, but a strong sensible options, still with that draw-string waist.

The burgundy parka is lovely. I am a sucker for some burgundy, and the faux-fur hood matches it perfectly. This is a pile-lined option, which is sounding somewhat attractive. It will keep you warm without over-padding you. At £39.99 it’s not seeming a bad option. It does come in a lovely lovely lovely pink version too, with a beautiful white faux fur hood. Argh decisions are tough here, but I think I’m leaning slightly more toward the pink… you know, to match my pink boots.

So now all I have to do is pick an affordable, sensible option that still looks good on. Do NOT buy the £89.99 option Claudia, it’s crazy expensive… and annoyingly signing up to the Bows Boutiques newsletter never gifted me with the promised 10% off voucher (not that it really helps against such an expensive option). I’ll have to weigh up the pros and cons, and pick a favourite from the more cost-effective options that won’t cause my bank account to weep. Let me know if you have a favourite, or if you’ve found an even better parka elsewhere!

Claudia xo

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