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The last thirteen months have been an unbelievably trying period, and if I explained the latest headache to you – you wouldn’t believe me…

This week has been the one week so far where I honestly can’t make up my mind how I feel about the latest situation. There has been a lot of cringing, anger, panic, relief… either way, I unexpectedly find myself with a lot more free time on my hands to work on my self-employed business and my little blog.

With all of the headaches, heartaches, and general bullshit in mind, this week I decided to take a few days for me. Just for me. To do all of the things that make me smile. My camera and I went for a lovely, long, autumnal walk in the sunshine, something I haven’t done in such a long while. It was perfect. I only bumped into a small handful of other people, one of which was on horseback, and it was perfectly peaceful and relaxing. Autumn has to be my favourite season. Don’t get me wrong, I love nothing more than basking in the garden on a hot summer’s day, but the colours that autumn brings are unbeatable. Walking amongst them, camera in hand, is really something else.


Next time I will absolutely opt for far more sensible footwear as I definitely got a little muddy, but that’s all part of the fun, right?! My favourite walk is along crunching leaves, with trees meeting overhead to make a tunnel of autumnal colour… and so that’s exactly what I opted for. Though the weather is definitely a little chillier in November, the sun was thankfully shining, but I still made sure to wrap up all toasty and warm – ginormous blanket scarf and all.

I went along a trail that is only a short distance from my house, but one that I rarely consider walking. It goes on for miles and miles. I spent half an hour walking in one direction until the beautiful pathway of trees ended, before turning around and walking another half an hour home. I’ve run along this path one or two times before, but I don’t think I’ve ever walked it in autumn. There are rows and rows of oak trees, which meant piles and piles of beautiful oak leaves along the ground. I didn’t see a single acorn, but that’s an excuse to go back another time.


I spent an afternoon baking and decorating cupcakes whilst singing along to an awful lot of Michael Bublé, before wrapping birthday presents and baking a beautifully rustic tiramisu cake for my mum’s birthday on the Thursday, followed by two evening’s celebrating with the family. My sister also ventured down from university as an extra surprise for my mum… though she promised to bring me a bottle of the good stuff (Prosecco) and I haven’t seen it yet. Boo.

After walking and shooting I did spend a little time fiddling around with photos in Lightroom, and created a few beautifully autumnal presets. I'm very excited, and incredibly pleased with myself. I may spend a little more time on Lightroom, creating some fabulous presets. I can't wait to experiment with my shots after Iceland. Have a peek below and let me know what you think of my 'Autumn in Cornwall' pack... 

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A little spare time gets a girl thinking. I know it’s far easier said than done, but we really should be doing things that makes us smile. I found my employed role so mentally draining, so emotionally exhausting, that I couldn’t find the will power, time, or energy to do all of the little tasks for myself that I was so excited to do. I would come home every evening with the sole intent of sitting on that sofa and watching whatever I could muster up. Terrible use of time and such a waste of life, and once you’re in a rut it’s difficult to crawl your way to the top. I did often go to the gym on the way home, but I’ve had to pop this on pause whilst I figure things out.

But I really do now have an epic amount of free time, and I’m going to do my utmost to spend it wisely. I’ll be building up my self-employed business with all my might, and I’ll also be working hard on my little blog. When I first started writing in May I knew I wanted this blog to be a story of my ups, downs, woes, smiles, growth, and everything else in between. I’m absolutely going to stay true to that, and I’m so excited to see where this little journey can go. At least I don’t have the worry of racing home to beat the darker evenings just to cram in some photo-shoots… every cloud.

I’m hoping to see the Bristol Christmas markets this year (which I definitely did not have time for before this week), and we all know that I’m off to Iceland for Christmas, January brings the New Year and my birthday… so instead of fretting on the negative, I’m going to (sit in denial) enjoy every moment of freedom whilst it lasts. I wouldn’t mind cramming in some ice skating somewhere too.

Please do leave me a comment below with all the fun things you’re doing this festive season – inspiration required please!

Claudia xo

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