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When I launched my little blog in May I set myself some twenty-seventeen dreams and goals, and I feel like it’s time for a bit of reflection

You can catch up on my twenty-seventeen dreams post here, but to remind everyone – these were my dreams/goals…

• Get back to fitting into those dusky pink chinos
• Laugh again
• Rid the house of negativity
• Sort myself out
• Book a holiday already
• The unrealistic dream

Dusky Pink Chinos

I’m absolutely on my way to fitting into those dusky pink chinos and I’m really excited about it. I haven’t tried them on yet, but I am on top of this goal. I joined a new gym last November and, aside from the momentary lapse of being out of action due to my kidneys, I’ve been working out around 2-4 times a week. It’s always great to have supportive gym buddies; I have two and we gym it up together fairly often. We motivate each other to keep going, even when we’re on the floor giving up, and we keep encouraging (forcing) each other to make it to the gym as much as possible.

I’ve noticed a big difference in myself since starting the gym, especially looking back at photos from this time last year. I only really noticed the difference when I was looking through the photos from my Scenic Scandinavia travels (see the post here). I am proud of myself for keeping up the good work. I could definitely do better, but so far so good. I’m feeling so much more confident and positive. I didn’t want to be in any photos for a little while, and I rarely went out. But now it’s selfies galore and I’m trying on a variety of different outfits, tops, skirts that I wouldn’t have ever picked out for myself previously.

I’ve also been eating attempting to eat better, with a lot more fruit and veggies and a lot less naturally fatty or oily foods. I mean, if I want a Danish pastry I’ll eat the Danish pastry, but for the rest of it I am trying my best. I have also been eating smaller portions than I usually would, and I’ve kept dinner-esque meals for dinner rather than having the leftovers for lunch – I now eat them after the gym, at home, for dinner.

I know I still have a lot further to go to get back into those chinos, but I will do it. I’ll get there, and I’ll feel so much better for it.

Laugh Again

I have definitely laughed. One of my more important goals for this year was to make more of an effort with the loves in my life, and I have definitely made time to see my oldest and dearest group of girls. I’m always so excited to spend time with them too as I know we’ll be laughing all night long, it’s simply guaranteed. Of course, the copious amounts of cocktails help too. I’ve also gone for laughter-filled lunch time strolls with my office girls, which is a winner because we get in some extra exercise too.

My recent travels had me laughing daily, even when I couldn’t move. Laughter comes in the most unexpected moments, and I have so many hilarious and brilliant memories from this trip that I still giggle to myself about now.

I even made a conscious effort to arrange a few big weekends ahead for October, and I’ve been really looking forward to these. I’m painfully poor now, but this weekend consists of a pizza and prosecco festival in the big city of Bristol and I am so excited to get there.

I don’t want to go over the top and fill my calendar with a million things and tire myself out, so a few weekends here and there, with a few dinners and lunches in between, is a total dream right now. It’s a perfect balance. I will definitely keep this up, it really is bringing me back to me. Enjoying incredible, supportive, girlfriend company is what every girl needs in her life.

Rid The House

This one is definitely going to take a little longer, a lot longer, to achieve. I have a multitude of ideas and changes that I want to make to the house, and these improve and alter weekly. If everyone had endless supplies of cash we’d be doing exactly what we wanted when we wanted, sadly that leprechaun and his pot of gold hasn’t visited me yet and so I’ll be working through this dream in a lengthy but timely manner. I’m sure it’ll be stretching into 2018 and maybe 2019… if I’m still in my home.

I have lately considered the move back to my hometown of Bristol. When you’re away with a group of people you’ve never met before and you hear the things that they’re doing next or are achieving, you realise that your stale life really is definitely as dull as you thought. My friends at home are of course incredible, they’re amazing, and I wouldn’t swap them for the world, but I have been unhappy in my work life for some time now, and since being home in my empty house I have felt some lonely pangs. There also aren’t many exciting things to do in this rainy county, there’s certainly no career-fulfilling atmosphere or any room for ambition, and I have never really felt at home here in Cornwall. I’ve always thought of Bristol as my home, and after spending one night there on my way home from Scandinavia, I didn’t want to leave it. But we’ll see. There are lots of things to consider.

In the meantime, I’ll be heading to a DIY store to pick up some paint to give the walls a little inexpensive touch-up.

Sort Myself Out

Now I feel like this is the dream I’ve smashed, almost. I am definitely more than comfortable in a pair of skinny jeggings, a tight vest top, and a good ol’ cardigan. There is nothing wrong with this combo in any way, and it will certainly be a life-long favourite, but I have branched out with a lot of other numbers I would never ever have considered months or even years ago.

I would never have picked up a skirt, and for ‘day-wear’ I probably never will. It’s just not me. But for evenings, nights out, girl dinners, tropical holidays (evening meals and drinks only) I am absolutely happy and confident to don one of my brand new skin-tight, rouged skirts, maybe even teamed with its coordinating top. Check me out, buying coordinate combos. As you know, I’ve also bought a handful of bodysuits – also great for a skirt team-up. I also have a few new dresses (not all black either), playsuits and jumpsuits tucked away, ready and waiting for the right occasions to be worn.

This definitely has a lot to do with goal number one and getting back to my ideal body shape. I’m not at all keen to be skinny skinny, and probably never will be because I love a carb or three, but a little tone up does wonders for your health, your shape, and your mentality – and that’s what I’m after. Back to being stronger and far more toned.

I am thinking about having a huge wardrobe clear out. I did have one around the same time I launched my blog, but I held on to so many items that I haven’t warn in that time. Next weekend I may set some time aside to try everything on; and if I love it - it stays, but if I hate it – it’s gone. It never hurts to make a little room for new pieces either.

Book A Holiday

Well I certainly did this. You can read all about my magical travels around Scandinavia here. What a trip. It really was exactly what I needed, and it came at the perfect time. Unfortunately coming home there are still all of those same dips, issues, problems… but I feel better equipped and mentally refreshed to deal with them.

I’ve also carried on the holiday/travel dream and booked a trip to Iceland for the Christmas period, you can read all about this here. So many people keep saying to me ‘oh, you’ve caught the travel bug’. Actually, I did two months of backpacking around Thailand in 2011, I’ve always had the travel bug – you just don’t know me that well. Unfortunately buying a home and settling down with someone, who also wouldn’t even entertain the notion of backpacking, does put a halt in exciting travel plans. I think this is one huge reason as to why I’ve gone a little unruly with booking two travel trips in one year. I’ve been dying to see so much more of the world, and now I can, without anyone’s opinion mattering.

Sometimes you do need that lazy beach holiday, but for me a bit of moving around, sight-seeing, new culture, beautiful scenery, and exciting experiences is what really starts to bring me back to who I am. I’ve been stuck fixating and worrying about boring, tiny, tedious dramas and problems, I’ve been in toxic environments, I’ve had people around me who really should’ve been told to bugger off years ago… but that time away in Scandinavia really made me smile again, made me realise that I am so much stronger than I thought, and gave me back my fight and determination. I am so the girl who wants to lay in the back of a blanket-clad pick-up truck staring up at the stars with great company, a few beers, and a pizza or two - and so that’s who I’m going to be.

The Unrealistic Dream
Ahh, the dream of dreams. Sadly Chris Evans (not the ginger one!) still hasn’t knocked on my front door, or tweeted me back… a girl can hope though, right?!

All in all, not a bad five-ish months making a start on these twenty-seventeen dreams, of making amazing memories, and of being utterly grateful for old friendships and making new friendships. When I think that I’ve come so far and changed so much in just ‘five months’, it’s exciting to ponder how much I could accomplish in a full twelve months. I do still have so far to go, with lots of improvements, changes, and twists along the way, but bring it on life, I’m ready for you.

Claudia xo

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