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I've been doing an awful lot of window shopping lately in the desperate wait for glorious pay day to roll around, and have a few favourite items lined up to share with you.

If you're a bigger busted lady like me and definitely need a bra for support then you're probably getting fed up of seeing so many super strappy/bardot style/strapless items floating about everywhere you look on social media. It's even more annoying because all of these unwearable items are so fab and pretty and lovely and I want them...

I've complied my ideal buys from a handful of online fashion stores, all of which can be worn by a variety of body shapes and sizes - hurrah! There is a small selection of items that I definitely couldn't wear, but have thrown in anyway because they're so beautiful... and I like to be diverse and all that. Let's get stuck in!

Lasula is a fabulous online boutique that's fairly new to me, but friends have bought from here and their choices have been absolutely fabulous! Their Instagram account is pretty fierce too. I'll definitely be treating myself to a few of handful of their summery pieces. Here are my top picks...

Lasula FashionLasula FashionLasula FashionLasula Fashion

I doubt I'll add the playsuit to my wardrobe, but it is absolutely beautiful. I think it may be a little to feminine for me, but the lace detailing really does look so pretty. There is also a little crochet detailing thrown in, because it's summer so why not! The playsuit ties off in a bow at the back, so you could wear it a little looser if you fancied. White is also a fab colour to show off your summer tan! Hurrah! For those who aren't so keen on lace, there's a non-lacy playsuit in a very similar style here on the website.

The pink trousers are a perfect pastel shade; I have a similar pair in black from boohoo and they're really flattering! Though I am thinking ahead to a beach holiday (that I haven't booked yet), trousers may not be ideal for hot hot weather, but a nice pale pink pair of trousers would be super cute for summer at home teamed with a top or bodysuit tucked underneath. I do love the belt addition. My boohoo pair have a belt, and it really does help to cinch your waist in a little more as the ruffley-ness of the waist can be a little baggy.

The cream crochet dress is fabulous! I love the detailing - so beautiful! Like wearing a sexy knitted doily. The scalloped finish on the sleeves and bottom of the dress is a really perfect finish that matches the crochet detailing. A perfect little beach (or festival) cover-up that I can definitely see myself buying.

Speaking of beach cover-ups, I am LOVING the metallic trend at the moment, and this full-length dress in rose-gold is just sublime, though it probably helps that the model is a skinny hottie. I'll more than likely wait and see if I can find a discount code before buying, as sadly the metallic full length dresses aren't always super affordable (across all retailers), but they do look too amazing to pass up. Imagine strolling around the pool in this (with a bikini top, of course - there seem to be a lot of nips out lately)! Swit swoo! They do also sell shorter versions, in case full-length isn't your thing. As you may have seen, the metallic trend also comes in silver and gold, both of which also look fab with a tan!

As I've mentioned boohoo, let's stick with the theme and see what they've got going on. Here are my top picks... (also, boohoo have lots of big sales on right now!)

boohoo Fashionboohoo Fashionboohoo Fashionboohoo Fashion

Errrrrrr... Bae Watch swimsuit. Need I say more?! Other than - why doesn't it come in red? I spent hours hunting for a red version after I saw a friend of mine look hot hot hot in hers. I did buy a cheapie red version from eBay because I'm a little worried about the whole big boobs + unsupported swimwear thing and wanted to test it out first, so stay tuned for that haul when it arrives. The embellished shorts however are amazing - and would be beyond perfect for a Marrakesh/Morocco holiday! Some of the detailing is made from tiny mirrors, so you'll be glistening as you go. I'm already planning a girly Marrakesh holiday for the next of next year so these may end up in my shopping basket fairly soon. If a bralet isn't your think, I think these shorts would look fabulous with a sheer bodysuit too.

I recently bought this black maxi skirt, and whilst it certainly isn't as flattering on me as it is on the model (around the waist) it is a lovely skirt. The split ends in a rouched finish all the way up to the waist hem, an is really flattering on the legs. A few more months at the gym and hopefully it'll look a lot more flattering around my waist too. It is made of a somewhat thin jersey material, so doesn't exactly hold anything in. The skirt comes in a few other colours, mostly grey options. There are so many fabulous skirts on boohoo at the moment, and if my size ever comes back into stock in any of them I'll be snapping them up immediately.

The strappy maxi dress is a simple option that you can dress up or dress down for a bit of strolling around hot cities. It comes in a wide variety of colours, and is definitely something 'go-to' that I'd pack in my suitcase. The pale pink is lovely, and almost has a heathered effect - making it look a little more expensive than it is, woo!

Moving on to Pretty Little Thing, who have been fabulously bombarding my Instagram feed lately (no complaints at all!)...


I'm not normally a shoe person. I have my favourite pair of black heels, and that's that. Terrible, I know! But these strappy heels in peach really caught my eye, and if I buy any outfits that require a pair of beautiful peach heels I'll be buying these in an instant! The heel length looks perfect, and the straps aren't overbearing. The peach colour is divine too! Hello summer feels!

I love an applique/embellished bodysuit at the moment (in fact, I love any bodysuit at the moment), and whilst I am 99.9% sure I couldn't wear this beautiful swimsuit, I thought I'd throw it in here as it's fabulous and one of the first lovely applique swimsuits that I've seen. At least with a bodysuit I can get away with wearing a lacy black bra underneath, not quite sure you can do that with a swimsuit.

Metallic knit really is everywhere! Pretty Little Thing have a huge variety of metallic goodies in stock at the moment, so if you're like me and loving the metallic trend - go take a peek here. I saw this bralet on Instagram babe @lovefromreyn and totally loved it (though her bralet is from Lasula and can be found here). Hot stuff!! Again, like the swimsuit, I would probably need a awful lot more support... so if a bra can be worn with this, then I'm keen. Sadly, it doesn't look like it can so I'll probably stick to the full-length from Lasula where I can embrace the safety of a bikini top.

The racer-back bodysuit however can be worn with a bra, hurrah! This baby pink bodysuit comes in a variety of other colours, and the baby pink and peach are definitely huge favourites out of the options. It's a hard toss up between the two, but I think I'd end up buying the baby pink, though the peach would go with those strappy heels... hmm. I've been looking for some pastel coloured bodysuits to wear during the day, and this one definitely seems like a winner. It seems light weight enough to wear out and about on a hot day, and though a simple piece it would still embrace your inner-hottie.

Another favourite online store of mine is In The Style, and I'm finding myself checking them out more and more. They do have a new-ish Sarah Ashcroft range, and whilst think her comment against new bloggers was a real dick move it shouldn't stop you from supporting the fabulous retailer. Her line does have some fab pieces, but most pieces sadly rule out all girls with larger real boobs. Binky definitely wins it back with her range though! Again, there's metallic knit everywhere - woo hoo - but here are my (non-metallic) top summer picks from their website...

In The Style FashionIn The Style FashionIn The Style FashionIn The Style Fashion

I've mentioned this before, but since trying on a couple of bodysuits I have totally fallen in love with them. I have been absolutely dyiiiing to get my hands on this particular hott-stuff bodysuit. I need it. Neeeed it. Other places are selling it, and I definitely could get it elsewhere, but it happens to be in the sale on In The Style. I'll wait a little longer and see if a size 12 creeps back into stock before heading to The Fashion Bible/Lasula. Sob.

Yay! Binky range! I've seen this playsuit on Instagram and absolutely love it. Any shape can wear it, and the print is so lovely. The flowers have a tropical theme, perfect for a summer eve/dinner/night out. This is definitely something I would pick up and team with a pair of black heels for a chilled summer dinner, especially on holiday.

I really love this long-sleeve bodysuit. It's sheer, but not as sheer as all the other bodysuits out there... a little more sexy than overly revealing. I would even consider wearing just a bra with this one, rather than teaming it with a skin-tight vest top. This is definitely something I can see heading for the checkout.

The flamingo swimsuit, another one from the Binky range... no comment necessary I think?! Err, fab!! I love the contrast between the black swimsuit and the bright pink and peach flamingos. Though the back on this swimsuit is super low, so I'm a little unsure how that goes down with larger busted ladies, it is a fab choice for summer.

Ahh, onto another big favourite, The Fashion Bible. Yes please!

The 'nude' bodysuit is called nude on the website, but as you can see from all three photos of 'nude' items above, nude can come in a variety of shades. I definitely think the bodysuit is a blush pink. Either way it's beautiful, and comes in a black option. Again, not something I would necessarily be able to wear, but I absolutely love it. Girls who can wear it, go for it!

Loving this white maxi, especially cinched with a belt. The detailing along the neckline is super pretty and is really what makes this whole maxi. I've gone off 'busy' maxi dresses, though the odd one or two are catching my eye this summer. I'm entirely over floral maxi's. One colour dresses are definitely where it's at for me.

These two nude dresses are lovely, love love love them. I could easily pick up both, though I don't think I'm quite 'toned' (let's go with 'toned') enough for them - yet. I do love the colour on both dresses, but again I feel like the multi-way dress is a very blush baby pink, and the wrap dress is more mocha. I'm definitely not complaining, it's always fabulous to have a few colour options, especially when the colours look like these. I would say the wrap is probably my favourite out of the two, but I'd happily take both home! I'll bust a few more months at the gym then give them a whirl.

Ahh pay day where are you! A wonderful array of whites, creams, pastels and blacks, ready to add to your holiday suitcase or to your wardrobe. Drop me a comment below and let me know if you have any of the items I've picked out above. Or if you plan on buying some comment and let me know how you found them, I'd love to hear! I'll certainly be adding a few of these to my own wardrobe when pay day rolls around, stay tuned for that haul.

Claudia xo

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